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FARMER CAESAR Kale, carrots, in house garlic and rosemary croutons, basil, chicken, caesar dressing. 9.50

EARTH BOWL quinoa, farro, organic spinach, tomatoes, corn, organic chickpeas,

roasted chicken, basmati rice, basil vinaigrette. 9

LONG LIFE Organic kale, spinach, tomatoes, shredded carrots, dry figs,

basmati rice, black and kidney beans, almonds, vinaigrette. 9.50

HARVEST QUINOA Organic spinach, onions, feta cheese, organic tofu, beets, tossed in red wine vinaigrette. 9

FARRO AND AVOCADO STEAK SALAD Organic spring mix, tomatoes, mushrooms,

onions, farro, almonds, corn, balsamic vinaigrette. 11

PESTO SALMON SALAD Wild salmon topped with fresh basil pesto, baked walnuts,

feta cheese, organic mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette. 12.50



SPINACH EGGPLANT BRUSCHETTA Sauteed organic spinach, eggplant red roasted pepper spread, goat cheese. 9

SOUTHERN  SKILLET Smoked gouda, cheddar, mac and cheese. 7

MUSSELS IN ALE AND GARLIC WITH CAJUN FRIES Pound steamed mussels, fresh organic tomatoes. 10

MASH PIROGIE House made pirogie stuffed with mashed potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes. 9

FIG'S CHEESE BOARD Assorted cheese board, organic figs, local apples. 11

CHORIZO MUSSELS Chorizo, organic vegetables 11

HUMMUS Olives, feta cheese, flat bread. 7

BACON WRAPPED DATES Medjool organic dates stuffed with goat cheese and almonds. 9









BLACKENED CHICKEN AND RICE Organic kale, fresh tomatoes, chickpeas, black eyed peas,

black beans, almonds and basmati rice. 14


ZUCCHINI LINGUINE Lemon Herbed Grilled Chicken, Vodka Sauce, parmesan cheese, fresh tomatoes. 14


BARBECUED SHRIMP AND GRITS Gulf shrimp, Tin Roof BBQ sauce, cheese grits,

organic baby spinach, cremini mushrooms. 13


BLACKENED CRAB CAKE Walnut mushroom risotto, Cajun remoulade, organic spinach. 14


CAJUN JAMBALAYA Organic chicken, shrimp, smoked andouille sausage. 13


CHEF'S PENNE Organic baby spinach, cremini mushrooms, local tomatoes, onions, creamy garlic sauce. 14


BOURBON PORK CHOP Center cut bone-in, black eyed peas,

cremini mushrooms, organic baby spinach, mirepoix. 15


FARM VEGAN Organic sauteed veggies, baby bella mushrooms, dirty rice, organic tofu. 13


LAMB BURGER Grass-fed lamb, locally baked bun, feta cheese, fresh basil pesto, organic mix greens. 13


CHICKEN AND MASH PIROGIE House made, garlic mash potatoes stuffed, garlic crème sauce, local tomatoes. 13


CAJUN BURGER Grass-fed beef, local casserole bun, spicy aolie, cajun bacon, Cajun fries. 11


SHRIMP & GOAT CHEESE LINGUINI House-made romesco sauce, local creamy goat cheese. 14


BRONZED ALASKA SALMON Wild salmon, organic asparagus, sauteed organic spinach creamy garlic sauce 15 


Grass -fed burger with macaroni and cheese, cajun fries. 12


Organic chicken, fresh tomatoes, organic baby spinach.  14